The jacket of Sayre

The jacket of Sayre

The 1895, the Lewis Sayre (1820-1900) - putative as one of the founders of orthopedic surgery - suggested treating scoliosis with suspension. According to Sayre, patients should be hung by their hands up to hover almost entirely from the ground, so their skoliotikes deformities could be aligned and a plaster applied to hold everything in place. The plaster was coated on the patient's chest named "Sayre's Jacket" - The jacket of Sayre.

The technique was questionable, but helped develop modern guardian manual methods of conservative treatment of scoliosis

A century later, conservative therapy guardian can be successful, depending on the quality of guardian, correction achieved within brace and the patient compliance with the treatment plan,.


Sayre, Lewis Albert. Spinal Diseases and Spinal Curvature. Their Treatment by Suspension and the Use of the Plaster of Paris Bandage. London, Smith, Elder, & Co., 1877.

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